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How to Clean a Bong with Salt and Vodka

If you’re new to smoking weed or you simply never knew this amazing quick and easy bong cleaning trick, then this video tutorial will show you exactly how to clean a bong in seconds with a little salt and vodka.

How to clean a bong with household items

What you’ll need
  • A well ventilated area
  • Rubbing alcohol (or vodka)
  • Table Salt… don’t waste your Himalayan
  • Q-tips and maybe gloves
  • Zip-lock bags

1. If it’s a two piece bong, take it apart and give it a quick rinse

2. Place the smaller pieces into zip-lock bags or plastic container, add a teaspoon or so of salt and enough rubbing alcohol to cover the pieces. Zip the bags up and shake.

4. To clean the bong itself, add a tablespoon or so of salt followed by some rubbing alcohol or vodka. Then plug the holes with something and shake the bong. Sometimes swirling the bong in circles works better!

5. Rinse everything off with water and use q-tips or handy towels to clean the hard-to-reach spots.

6. Let everything dry and enjoy your newly cleaned bong!

Remember, smoking from a dirty or improperly made bong can be a health hazard. This article and video is purely for harm minimization. On that note… DO NOT DRINK THE ALCOHOL AFTER CLEANING.