NZWEED: Part 2 (feat Sesh & Mikey Mayz), by DontfollowSIMBA

Part two of the NZWEED documentary sees local hip-hop artists Sesh & Mikey Mayz tackle an age old question: which is better, blunt or vape?

Blunt pros

  • Social aspect: There’s no better way to make friends than passing a fat blunt around the circle.
  • Taste: From blueberry to mango and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to find a flavour of blunt wrap that tickles your taste buds.
  • Discreet: No paraphernalia allows you to be inconspicuous and quickly dispose of a blunt should you need to.

Blunt cons

  • Cost: Blunt papers only cost a couple bucks, but they can add up over time.
  • Unhealthy: Most blunt papers contain nicotine, which has a range of negative pharmacological effects and can trigger cigarette cravings.
  • Combusted: Inhaling smoke of any kind is probably not great for your lungs (though the jury is still out on the exact effects of long-term weed smoking).

Vape pros

  • Non-combusted: Vaporizers heat weed to the point where the cannabinoids are vaporized but the rest of the plant material is not combusted, meaning you don’t inhale any smoke.
  • Efficient: You require far less weed than other methods of consumption to get high.
  • Different high: Using a vaporizer results in a different high that feels markedly cleaner than other methods.
  • Discreet scent: Because there’s no combustion involved, vaporizers produce far less of the distinctive cannabis smoke smell.

Vape cons

  • Expensive: Top of the line models such as the Volcano seen in this video can go for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
  • Non-mobile: Desktop vapes require a power source and are too large to carry around.

Go here for part one.

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Directed by SIMBA
Shot by Lrae.