US Pot sales boom

Legal US pot sales soar to $5.4B in 2015. That’s an astounding 30% year on year growth. The ever growing white line is being pushed back globally, as more places legalize recreational and medicinal cannabis. Hopefully we aren’t late adopters – we need a referendum on the matter, like now.

Medical Cannabis in NZ 2016

Speaking of medical cannabis, the fight continues here, as yet more families pursue the legal right to use medical cannabis here in NZ. A five year old child with a rare terminal brain cancer, has been given 9 to 12 months to live. Her grandparents having heard of the successes …

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Legalizing cannabis is surely the most socially forward and cost effective option available.

A team of researchers in Australia and the US analysed data from 20 mental and substance disorders to model the prevalence, premature death, and non-fatal illness caused by these disorders in 187 countries. Among the findings: *High income countries have the highest burden of disease due to drug use *Women …