20 Cool things to do while high

Let’s face it, the average smoker if left to his own devices might not end up doing very much. So it doesn’t hurt, if you are going to smoke, to make the best use of your time. Although I hope this list is a little more fun than all that 😛

  1. Visit a haunted location. Or a graveyard. In a heightened state, experiences like these are only enhanced further. You never know, you might open yourself and experience something.
  2. Watch a classic stoner movie. I have some great recommends. If you are after a modern pot comedy that actually makes you laugh – try Your Highness, or Pineapple Express. Of course there is always classic TV shows like South Park, and Ricky and Morty while we are there – those can have you laughing till it hurts. If you want to have your mind blown, or mind opened, the sequel to Baraka, Samsara is a visual treat, Enter the void is a deep disorienting trip into death, spirituality & DMT – highly recommend – only not for the feint of heart. And anything like Waking Life, the Animatrix is well worth considering for the philosophical aspects.
  3. Listen to music in the dark. Obvious perhaps, but enhanced senses are great for exploring rich details, of sonic landscapes. What you dig will be taste up to you, but Bob Marley’s legend, trippy electronica like Infected Mushroom, jazzy music like Griz, ambient and dubby sounds like Liquid Stranger or Odezsa, and lovely psych rock like Tame Impala are in the right ball park.
  4. Nature! The beach, the bush, where ever you go, nature is relaxing, and even more beautiful stoned. Get off yer arse! Here are some cool places around NZ – Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools, Cathedral Cove, Stewart Island, Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Hot Water beach, any west coast beach, Hobbiton. So much to see here, or just a nice park down the road 🙂
  5. 3d movie. Avatar or planet of the apes perhaps? It’s certainly a bit of a thrill whilst baked.
  6. Create. Whether its sketching, writing, writing poetry, learning to play an instrument – inspiration is the soul of marijuana.
  7. Make a scooby-do-ish mega snack. Like a sandwich that barely closes, a desert that has way too much of everything, or anything wrapped in bacon.
  8. Stargazing. At night is no better time than to wax lyrical and ponder the meaning of the universe. And no better time than when you are high!
  9. Bath/Hotpool. Add some candles and some scents. All that heightened senses, and relaxation, what a way to let go over all your worries
  10. Hot air balloon. Or airplane or glider. Being high and high at the same time, is a special kind of magic. Looking down on everything, drifting, inside and out.
  11. Sex. What more can I say? Heightened senses make this a lot of fun.
  12. Meditate, do tai chi, martial arts yoga. Maybe these things are hard work normally. Maybe even boring when you first try. But not when you are high. Not only that, all that inner movement, makes you deeply aware of thoughts and feelings, enhancing what you can get out of it. You can do it, you are a space traveller.
  13. Amusement park. Just an excuses to be a big kid right?
  14. Read a book. Whilst jumping around and doing stuff can be fun while high, reading a book is almost the perfect Sunday afternoon pace, and it makes it easier to lose yourself in the worlds within the pages.
  15. Spookers – I can only imagine what this would be like! It’s pretty freaky as it is.
  16. Maze- Again, I never tried it, but it seems somewhat obvious 😛
  17. Find your favourite childhood movies and tv shows – and watch em! I’ve went back recently and watched some of my childhood favs, and I have to say, they are still great!
  18. Concert or Festival – especially the lightshow rich, easy vibe summer festivals across NZ.
  19. Swim or Sun bathe. Swimming is always a sensual experience.  Let the sun caress you for awhile. while the warmer days still last.
  20. Jam ideas and think to solve life problems and figure emotions out! Yes, that’s a thing. A strong session with low tolerance especially may hurl you head first into your thoughts. Use the inspiration and take notes of the genius. Let the deep speak, and work out your problems from fresh angles.