A history of the spiritual use of Cannabis

When legal debates on Cannabis, tend to divide it’s use into medicinal, and recreational, users may be aware that the distinction is not so arbitrary. Not only do medical users often derive recreational effect, and recreational users medical benefits, such as the reduction of nausea or the induction of sleep – but there is another area that is always neglected by media and the govt – the spiritual use of Cannabis as a sacrament. Even Jesus is suspected of having used cannabis as a sacrament, and offered it to his disciples via the holy annointing oil described in Exodus.

Cannabis can intensify emotions, and sensations, and increase divergent thinking, bringing forth qualities that are useful for introspection, self-realization, self-actualization, meditation, therapy and creativity or problem solving. And it has a long global history of being used this way. Now, critics might say most users don’t use cannabis this way, and they’d be right. But like the somewhat deceptive medical/recreational divide, many users seeking medical and recreational effects, end up experiencing psychological or spiritual benefits as well – and of course there are those who treat the plant as a sacrament – a moderate, productive and respectful approach, that should hardly be discouraged.

And you might even boohoo the whole concept of spiritual use – but if one where to go back in time, and take Shakespeare’s pot pipe away from him (yes he smoked), or Jimi Hendrix, or any other number of artists, poets, writers, scientists (our own Ernest Rutherford for example, who said it inspired his science), spiritual leaders or musicians who definitely and undoubtably used pot for inspiration – I think you’d find you’d make quite a mess of history.

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