Medicinal cannabis growers licensing coming to OZ

In an apparent coming move, that is surely huge news, Australia is set to legalize the growing of cannabis across all states – for medicinal purposes. Even the opposition party pledged support.

By the end of march, we will be living next to a country with three states with decriminalization laws for personal use, and a nationwide medicinal cannabis legal cannabis growers market – two states considering medicinal cannabis systems. The potential win for compassion, before all else is huge.

This comes with interesting timing, right when NZ is engaging in a dialogue about referendums and medical cannabis at a media level.

Australia’s new law, will likely open up valuable medical research showing what we already know in terms of its power as a medicine. How patient access is affected is yet to be decided, although some states like Victoria are moving toward medicinal cannabis policies.

Now with so many countries moving forward on the issue of cannabis law reform in America and Europe, it seems like for all our early women voting, and same sex marriage, on this issue of liberal social policy, we are starting to look backwards.

In the meantime, we can at least celebrate what this might mean for patients with chronic or severe conditions living in Australia. Although fingers crossed on how the actual policy plays out. Cannabis is useful for so many conditions, and at this point it seems doubtful that many more than trial subjects will be allowed access at a nationwide level, with actual medicinal cannabis distribution only happening in those two states. Still even if that’s so, from a country that has some pretty harsh drug laws, it shows the sea change in global policy and is promising. And certainly a blessing for people living in, or perhaps even near, those states.

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